Our promise to you is: "We will not introduce a product into the marketplace that is not measurably superior to existing options".
The Paper used is denser than others on the market for easier application and increased opacity.  The denseness makes the label more rigid when removed from the liner, significantly reducing the occurrence of wrinkles during application.  The increased opacity prevents the paper from appearing gray when applied to a CD-R.
The Top Coating is formulated to allow inks to pass through into the paper where it is absorbed.  After the inks have penetrated the top coating it retains its high gloss appearance and provides a protective moisture resistant barrier.  This process happens within milliseconds making the image instantly dry and ready for packaging as soon as the printer is finished.
The Adhesive is a permanent acrylic emulsion developed to correct earlier issues associated with CD labels.  Adverse chemical reactions between some label adhesives and the CD-R lacquer coat, can occur over time.  This may be accelerated by exposure to heat.  Degradation of the lacquer coat eventually exposes the dye layer where the data is stored, to the adhesive, resulting in disc failure.  Rest assured that Ink-Jet Gloss labels manufactured by Kyso com will not adversely effect your CD-R.
The Only Label Independently Tested for Product Integrity
Kyso labels have been tested for effect on the performance of CD-Rs during the recording and playback processes.  They were also tested for effect on the life of the CD-R relating to environmental conditions.  All tests were conducted on a variety of popular media brands and on a variety of recorders and players.  The tests were conducted by a third party independent laboratory.  A summary of the test results states, "Kyso labels have no effect on the functional performance of the CD-R during recording or playback tests".  The environmental chamber tests concluded," the label increased durability and life of the CD-R significantly".
IJ-Gloss labels by Kyso are available in a variety of label sizes and sheet formats.  Select the media you are labeling for the best possible solution.  For our European guests we have included A-4 formatted sheets as well.
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